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World events not reported in the newspapers

How time flies …… and, as I wrote a year and a half ago, what we call ‘time’ here on earth, is from the spiritual world seen as ‘evolution’. In 1987 a period of change started to the ‘new age’ or also called the new evolution. The first we noticed this was when the Berlin wall came down. An event that no one had predicted, but suddenly, the critical mass needed was there and it became possible. Recently we have seen the unrest and change in the Arabic world.

Looking at the ‘new age’ becomes for me the clearest when I consider it as ‘new evolution’. Then, I do understand the predictions of doom that are appearing: yes, the world as we know it will cease to exist, but it does not mean that the world will be destroyed. The present stage of evolution will come to an end; the old order will cease to exist, to allow a new one to appear. But what precisely is this new order?

Stages of Evolution

Our spiritual development evolves in phases. I call those ‘spheres’. And these spheres are directly connected to the dimensions. We know of 9 spheres we move through in our spiritual development. Of those, we complete 3 here on earth. You could compare it to a school system: primary school (1st sphere), high school (2nd sphere) and university (3rd sphere). A person who has completed all three spheres would be called ‘enlightened’. That person has completed his cycle of incarnation and reincarnation on earth and continues his evolution in the spiritual world, in the 4th sphere. So someone we call ‘enlightened’ is from the viewpoint of the spiritual world not even halfway yet. Many spirit guides are in the 4th sphere.

Each sphere of evolution has its own specifics. Roughly you could say that the 1st sphere is about getting used to living in a physical body. You have to take care of that body. You need to feed it and to that end you need to collect, grow and prepare food. The body needs sleep, and it can break down. If it seriously breaks down, the body dies - game over. But luckily you have more than one life, so you can try again and again, until you understand completely the functioning of physical-material life. At that point you have completed the 1st sphere. You successfully passed through all classes of the primary school. There are 7 classes in total, as each sphere is an octave (each a higher sound or vibration).

The 2nd sphere pertains to your social, cultural, psychological and mental development. You discover that you are more than just a body. You have a personality, feelings and emotions and, oh dear … others have too! You learn to deal with the world around you. In this phase you explore and experience all facets of life. A difficult phase in which you are confronted with the extremities of life: abundance and lack, unlimited power and impotence, freedom and suppression, perpetrator and victim, and so on. You take on a variety of roles, in all sorts of circumstances at every possible place in the world. You learn the effects of certain actions so that - in a later phase - you have freedom of choice. It is only possible to have freedom of choice when you know which choices are available. That is what you explore and discover in this phase. You explore and experience absolutely every side of life. This phase too has 7 classes (tones) and it is the longest in duration of all three spheres of evolution. Each class in this phase covers multiple lives.

In the 3rd sphere you continue to work with all the experiences you gained in the 2nd sphere. You start to understand the socio-cultural and psycho-mental rules, and discover that you, just like every other human being, are subject to certain rules, but there is something in you that makes you just that little bit different to the rest of humanity. Each time there is a small piece that does not fit into the pattern. In the 3rd sphere you discover that there is more than meets the eye, that you are not just an earthling. You are not only a body with a certain personality, a psyche and a temper, but also a unique spiritual being. You are certainly subject to the rules of a human being, but they do not define you: there is something else, something higher that defines who you are.

In the 3rd sphere you discover that you are an immortal, divine spiritual being who each time moves into a new body. You start on a journey to discover everything about the spiritual (non-material) world - everything that others already have discovered about it - and in the second half of the 3rd sphere you realise that you have something unique to add to this. When you have completed that ‘masterpiece’ you are finished with your education on earth and you continue in the 4th sphere, in the spiritual world.

There is no need to incarnate again on earth, which does not mean to say that you will not do this. Regularly, beings from the 4th sphere incarnate on earth for the purpose of aiding the evolution of humanity. Unfortunately, they are then always subject to the rules of life on earth (those of the 3rd dimension) and are not able to completely express their spiritual being.

Heaven on earth

And this is where we arrive at the big changes that are occurring now, that which we call the new age (evolution). Right now there are very few people on earth still in the 1st sphere. There are a great number of people in the 2nd sphere and quite a large group in the 3rd sphere. And this makes it possible to take the next step. At the moment the evolution on earth is moving from 1st through 3rd sphere inclusive into 2nd through 4th sphere inclusive. In other words: a part of our development that used to take place in the spiritual world, will now happen on earth … literally a piece of heaven will come to earth.

To make this possible, we are moving here on earth into the 4th dimension. This means we are going to be subjected to a higher energy vibration because the spheres or dimensions exist out of octaves, and the sounds (= vibration) of the 4th dimension are higher than those of the 3rd dimension (=sphere of development). And if we are aware of this or not: we are all subject to it. Our whole system will adapt to this new vibration.

This will cause chaos and disorder, because we are used to things happening according to a certain pattern, a certain order and more and more we discover that things are not happening in the way we expect. ‘If this, then that’ seems to occur less and less. But what can we expect then? The answer is that at the moment no one knows. We know what the 4th sphere looks like in the spiritual world, but … what it will look like here on earth, no one knows as it has never been shown before. This is what we, here and now, are going to discover and give form. And that is why I am writing this piece. For, the only thing we can do now is to spread the knowledge about the appearance of the 4th dimension in the spiritual world, so we may better understand what we are confronted with, how we may use this on earth and what is being asked of us. This way we will experience less confusion about what is happening to us.

Nothing remains hidden

One of the most obvious characteristics of the 4th dimension is: nothing remains hidden. For a while this influence has already been visible on earth. Corruption, hidden agendas, covert actions … it is all coming to light. The rotten areas in the financial systems, the abuse in the catholic church, corrupt governments, child pornography networks, greedy managers, speculating stock market traders, governments fighting wars for so-called democracy and freedom while all along oil is the main target … everything what used to be hidden is now becoming visible. Wikileaks, cover blowers, investigative journalism, groups of people who protest - they all make visible that which was hidden and has outlasted its use-by date.

In the 4th dimension there applies: everything showing on the outside which does not agree with what is on the inside, will be exposed or will collapse. The vibration of the 4th dimension cannot sustain it and therefore it cannot stay in existence.

Worldwide this is already happening, but since October 2010 the 4th dimension has further descended to earth. This means that the movement is now also noticeable at a micro-level: it is active in the personal lives of individual humans. To summarise: everything we do that is not in agreement with what we really will, feel or think, is not working anymore. We simply cannot keep it up. For a while now it makes us extremely tired, burned-out, depressed or ill, and we cannot keep going any more. Now it starts to cause chaos, hassle and friction.

For in the 4th dimension it is the heartfelt desire that creates. Not what we say we want, not what we were taught to say, not what we were told to do, but what we really feel and will: that is what we send out and that is what we attract, or: create. So, you could pretend you’d like to work together with someone, but if you do not really want to, this is what happens: things will not go smoothly, there’ll be many obstacles, there is no easy flow of events. Was it before possible to say with dry eyes and to act as if you had a lovely job or a good marriage, now this is impossible as the 4th dimension reveals everything that is really present.

Too tight a jacket

As long as this occurred worldwide, maybe it gave you pleasure. See … that war was all about oil! I knew it and now we see it clearly written. Or in a way you feel relieved now that finally it is clear that that church was rotten all along. And you cheered when the people in the Arabic world protested because they did not want to accept suppression any longer. But when it starts to happen in your own life, it comes rather as a shock. When you discover your own marriage is about supression. When your colleagues do not longer accept that you boss them around. When it becomes clear you did someone a favour just to be able to get something in return although you pretended that is was charity. When you, in whatever way, pretended and this has come to light. Broadly speaking one could say: the more disharmony in your life, the bigger the chaos. This all sounds a little negative, but in the end we will learn from it. The 4th dimension necessitates us not only to become aware of what we really feel and will, the 4th dimension makes it possible that we can express ourselves as free human beings.

In fact the 4th dimension really is about expressing our Self, finding our unique place in the universe. And it is clear that it is quite different to do this in the spiritual world then here on earth, in a physical form. We have squeezed ourselves in all sorts of patterns and behaviours, we drown (literally) in rules and regulations, in do’s and don’ts, can not’s and may not’s, should not’s and should’s … and that jacket is too tight for the 4th dimension. Our being cannot express itself in such a cocoon. Everything directed through programming, conditioning, imprinted external beliefs does not work anymore, it can’t get a hold, the seed is not germinating and will not bear fruit. Only that which really comes from our Self will work out.

What can you as an individual do with this? All your beliefs, all your judgments, all your imprinted programs, all your behaviours, all your patterns, all your automatic replies and reactions need to be questioned. Ask yourself all day continuously: what I do now, what I say now, how I react now, is this really how I feel and what I wish or is this what I learned? Does it suit me? Even to the smallest detail: you just missed a phone call and automatically you reach for the telephone to call back, even though you are already so busy … It sounds silly, but our day is filled to bursting with this sort of obligations. Start with the small things, and the larger issues will become easier. When you start with the small, less scary things, you are reprogramming your system. You can tell your system: all right, you may do as you wish and by doing that your system will learn that the world will not collapse and it will gain confidence. Don’t focus on your fears, for where your attention goes your energies flows.

Focusing on what you do desire, teaches you to have confidence in yourself and one day fear will to let go of you. Allow yourself to say no to what you should do or have to do as this will give you the space where you can feel what you really desire. And then it could be that what you thought you had to do, coincides with what you wish to do. Externally it will look the same, but internally a great change has occurred: you made the change from having to do to wishing to do. You have gained more freedom. And that’s when from deep in your belly something is bubbling up, laughter, happiness, ‘joie de vivre’ … something that you cannot remember anymore, but you know: this is me, this is how I was when I was very young, this is how I arrived.

I think, so I am … not

You can only do one thing and that is to allow yourself to discover what really is inside you, even though this may go against all the old familiar ways and structures, against what should be done, has to be done and is not allowed to be done. However, here we have reached a tricky point. By developing to think for ourselves, we have restricted ourselves solely to mental activity, and cannot correctly observe anymore what we feel and will: now we think we want something and we think that we feel something. From this thinking good has come, but a few scary things as well and now we dare not trust what we feel and will. Meanwhile it wasn’t our feeling and will at all, it was our thinking! A real mindfuck. As long as you realise this, there is no need to be afraid for yourself. Maybe you can allow yourself to feel / experience what is inside you, without judgment. There is no right or wrong, there just is. And whatever is, will be anyway, whether you allow it or not. In which case it is better to acknowledge it, as otherwise it may cause a lot of hassle. Besides: if you judge what you experience inside you, you reject yourself and this shuts down your energy supply. You become extremely tired. Know that your energy does not come from your food. It comes from the spiritual world. And if you reject that part of you which connects you to the spiritual world (your spiritual being), then you are closing off your energy supply.

Unless it is in the tight jacket, our being is incapable to express itself in a system that mainly thinks. It is time that our thinking, which ruled uppermost in the development phase, starts to share equally with feelings and willing. At this moment it appears as if our mind ‘is not working anymore’. However, our mind is working fine, it just isn’t working the way we are used to. To decide everything by thinking, to solve everything by thinking does not seem to work very well anymore, in fact it works less and less. We are starting to use our mind for which it is intended: not to decide, but to take action. You don’t let your computer decide whom to send an email and what the content of that email is. You decide that and the computer performs the action. Right now our mind is well programmed; it contains all sorts of software to perform what we feel and will. To continuously interfere with what is happening inside the computer is totally unnecessary, you do not need to tell it the correct direction, the system knows that already. If you insist on doing this, it would fill your whole day just to organise your life. You would be very busy, you’d be overwhelmed and you would feel very empty in the end. Our mind is starting to occupy its own place: we feel what we will and we use our mind to do this in a sensible manner.


But something else is happening in our mind. We have a right and a left brain. You could say: the left brain represents the earth; the right brain represents heaven (or the cosmos, or whatever you want to call it). In the previous evolution phase we mainly concentrated on developing the left brain. And for this left brain too it is time to share the space with the right brain. More and more children are born with two brain sides that wish to work together. This causes some problems, as our school system, our society is totally focussed on the left brain. And so, these children have a problem, and get labelled as being aberrant and difficult. But we are the problem. Of course we do not have a problem with left-right brain coordination, rather obvious when one uses only one side of the brain, either the left or the right. Then there is nothing to coordinate. (And the group of ugly ducklings - children with an aberration - will only expand, until we realise that it is nonsense to judge a swan by the characteristics of a duck and force it to live up to them.

The left and right brain also represent all dualities.

Male / female, rational / creative, earthly / divine, left / right, father / mother, death / life, finite / infinite, one-sided / many-sided, I / we, and so on. Jill Bolte Taylor demonstrates this beautifully in her short movie, ‘Powerful stroke of Insight’. In my article of January 2010 I wrote in detail about the process of moving from duality, in which we are now, to unity. In the 4th dimension no duality exists. Both polarities are and keep each other in balance, we need them both. Duality implies a judgment: one is right the other is wrong. That is rational thinking, left brain. The right brain accommodates the paradox between the two polarities, between the two seemingly opposite truths. Right now the integration plays out strongly in the masculine / feminine arena. Our whole society, from the level of government to the level of our family, is geared towards the masculine. And it does not mean that the feminine is now going to take over the power. Even that thought is totally masculine. The feminine does not think in terms of power. Or even better: the feminine does not think. The feminine likes to share the space and honour the qualities of all.

Consciously, I did not speak here about men and women, but about the masculine and the feminine. For this integration needs to occur inside ourselves. We have seen an interim period where women started to behave like men (viragos) and men started to behave like women (softies). But that doesn’t work, as it is still duality. The important part is that we merge the masculine (action, purpose, rationality, the outer world) with the feminine (nurturing, inspiration, the heart, the inner world). Too much action makes you lose the connection with your inner world, your dreams and ideals. Too much attention on your inner world does not allow you to give form to your dreams and ideals. And yes, at this moment that asks more adaptation from the masculine side than from the feminine side, simply because everything is more geared towards the masculine than to the feminine. But again, however threatening this can feel for ‘men’, it does not mean that the masculine is being abolished. It just wants to be integrated in a new manner. And new means for example: not from the ego, power and struggle, but in aid of society. The integration of masculine and feminine qualities is symbolic for the integration of thinking, feeling and willing. Mind, heart and hands. The masculine is strong in thinking and willing. The feminine represents the heart, which is in between the two and which with the movement of the lemniscate coordinates the thinking (cold) and the willing (hot).


There is another reason why it is important that we become more aware of what we really desire, feel and think. Desires, feelings and thoughts emit energy vibrations. And these vibrations are creative forces (‘In the beginning was the Word.’). In the 4th dimension the time between sending out the energy vibrations and their manifestation is much shorter than in the 3rd dimension. ‘The thought creates.’ Many people already use this in the form of visualisations, affirmations, etc. However, you can voice or imagine repeatedly that you are going to be rich, when in the meantime you are convinced you are worthless, you are sending out this last vibration and that is what you are creating. If you are unaware of what you really believe inside, it can give you quite a shock when that suddenly manifests right in front of you.

Luckily this characteristic of the 4th dimension is not completely active as yet. But it is becoming more active all the time. This is one of the reasons why we think everything has speeded up. It is literally so. You can imagine that in the spiritual world ‘the thought creates’ very easily occurs, because there you do not have to deal with the dense matter of earth. While here on earth matter is exposed to and adjusted to the higher vibrations of the 4th dimension, it will become less dense and so become more flexible. Matter reacts faster and faster to the vibrations present. So everything moves faster, everything becomes reality faster. People too will react more directly to what is really sent out, not to what is said aloud. You will feel it immediately when someone says a falsehood. Or if it is the exact truth, even though it seems against all laws and logic that you know. Or if you yourself say something that is not true. For example you promise to do something, because your job or your relationship with someone makes you, but you don’t really want to do it, and you keep procrastinating … it just does not seem to happen, you cannot get yourself to do it … your system is not helping you anymore. Your system reacts to what you really wish. You cannot avoid it much longer.

We now have the time; now is the time to become aware of what is really inside ourselves, for this can save you a lot of hassle. For example: if you do not want to do something (anymore), it is better to say so. Then your body does not need to become ill, so that in the end you ‘cannot’. For reality will in whatever form react to what really is. Therefore I say: do yourself a favour, don’t make it too hard. Be honest, to yourself and to your surroundings, for as it is so it will be seen, in whatever form. And yes, to be honest is very scary sometimes, but if you do not do it and it is being forced upon you (you cannot avoid it any longer as it will manifest) you will be much worse off. It will create a mess, which you will have to clear up again. For instance if you know deep down inside that your work does not suit you (anymore), you have a choice: you acknowledge it and you go and look for something else or you wait until reality does it for you and you get sacked, you lose your clients or have a burn-out. In other words: do you let yourself being forced by the reality around you (and become a victim - of yourself) or do you decide and choose, exercise your free will and take control of your own life? Doing the latter saves you a lot of energy and trouble, for yourself and for others. Manifest yourself, change and develop, because you choose to, not because you are forced to.

Life is suffering ..?

This is the last characteristic of the ‘new age’ that I want to mention: in the new age evolution does not occur through suffering, but because we enjoy it. Up till now we only shifted if there was no other way. We were forced to do it, because things were not going well anymore. And when things are not going well, most of the time it hurts. However, this characteristic is still in the future and it will not happen within a day. It will happen through all the things mentioned above: if we dare to listen to ourselves and give form to our life from our inner self and do not wait till life, circumstances (the outside world) force us. We need to change our outlook on life. We need to look at it not only from an earthly perspective, beliefs and patterns, but we need to include the spiritual perspective as well.

We are seriously obstructing our Self with all these ingrained convictions of right and wrong. An example: in our culture it is ‘right’ when you care a lot for others and it is ‘wrong’ when you care for yourself. A lot of people, incarnated right now, really know how to take care of others; they have done this in many lifetimes. But this time round they have finally decided to learn to care for themselves. It is known in the spiritual world that one cannot care for others unless one can first take care of oneself. You only can say ‘we’ if you can say ‘I’, for only coming from Self can you take your unique place in the universe. And yes, evolution moves through one-sidedness. It is like the swing of a pendulum. It moves from one extreme to the other to finally settle in the middle. So, if you decided to learn to take care of yourself, then it won’t be easy, as it is considered to be ‘wrong’. This impedes our development and causes it to be much harder and much more painful.

The most important thing we have to do is to let go of our fixed beliefs. Without knowing what will replace it. Try to spot these old beliefs that do not serve you anymore. An example: the last few years I was extremely busy in my practice. During autumn it became quieter, which gave me a feeling of relief. However, the trend continued and after March it became extremely quiet. I started to have doubts about myself … am I doing something not right? What am I doing wrong, which causes fewer clients to come? Just this automatic reaction has cost me two months of misery. As I was convinced that this was happening because I was doing something ‘not right’ I was limiting my insights: I was only looking for answers to this one question. All the other possible answers were invisible for me, as I was convinced that the cause was ‘doing something wrong’. My thoughts drove me crazy and I was angry at the spiritual world. “Really lovely, if it is about others I get all the answers, but when I need help, I hear nothing from you!” But I could not hear their answers, as I was only open for a specific type of answers, namely those in which they would tell me what I was doing wrong.

When I finally desisted and let go (especially of my ego, which of course did not like it that I wasn’t busy) and could say ‘I don’t know anymore’. When I could say ‘well, then I am going to enjoy my time off’, all sorts of new, enjoyable events occurred. Only then it became possible for my spirit guides to tell me what the purpose was. I had fewer clients as I was to receive additional training to develop some additional abilities. My work is going to change. I had to write this article and I had to prepare myself for events occurring in late August or early September. And so, if my practice had stayed as busy as it was, I would have soldiered on and those on the other side could have called and called, but I would not have heard them, as I was too tied up with my work.

So actually the opposite of what I believed was the case: I didn’t do anything wrong; space was being created so something new could be developed. So again, is it ‘bad’ that I thought I did something wrong? No certainly not, for in those two months of misery I found quite a few other old beliefs, which I now had a real good chance to look at: you need to earn happiness; you should always do something useful; you always have to be doing something, as idleness is the devil’s workshop; and so on. So next time I will do this differently. I can make it easier for myself. There’s another one: taking it easy … ugh. But it is the key: to understand that things can be done easier by looking at it from a different angle, we can save ourselves a lot of misery and we’ll develop ourselves because we wish to and not because it hurts and we have to. So, not through suffering, but because it is enjoyable.

Do not believe

Do not believe a word of what is written above. Don’t take anything for granted, for then you’ll exchange one belief system for another. Feel if it resonates with you. See if you recognise things and if you can work with what is written here. Use it to your advantage or just leave it alone. If you notice that you cannot leave it alone, if you feel a great resistance to it, go and investigate it: highly likely that your old belief system has taken up the fight with what you really feel and will. For each fight with something outside of you represents a fight with something inside yourself.

With this article I wish to highlight what is going on in the world. It is like a newspaper article or a broadcast from the spiritual world. For it gives peace when you understand what is happening in your life - there is less need to doubt yourself, which saves a lot of energy. And it is important that you know you’re not the only one.

Please, forward this article to anyone you think might like it. The more people who understand what is going on in the world, the sooner the critical mass will be reached and, as we know, unexpected and huge changes may occur. Distribute this information - this highlight - as much as you can. Thank you.

Léonne Meiresonne
The Hague, July 2011
The Netherlands

Translated by:
Jeltje Kooistra
Takaka, October 2011
New Zealand

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